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Well, I had a long day yesterday. As I mentioned before Mee and I went back to Malaysia, I have to work overtime for four hours every other Monday until the end of June. It is a simple support work to ensure that the computers work fine while potential students take their literacy and numeracy assessments. In coming months, I will also be expected to work more overtime hours because judging from the workload that I have now, it is almost like doing two persons job.

I do not worry too much about it as I always try my best to finish my jobs. We still need to wait for the overtime proposal to be approved. When it is approved, we will then be able to use it if we are out of time. But ultimately, the plan is to have a new MIS person next year.

By the way, tomorrow, my manager and I will be attending a small conference about the issues and incoming plans from our software supplier. Hope that it will not be too boring.

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    He..he you work for four hours a day and counting them. Anyway..May you get the MIS person soon and I gotta know being newly here that you are working in a software company.

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    I think there is no question abt approval . it will be approved and it is a good thing whenever u want than u can add some more to ur holidays many times i use it .

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