My Omnia on WM6.5.5

April is approaching. It also means that the new UK tax year is coming. I will definitely be reviewing my ISA account because I believe that HSBC has got the lowest interest rate out of all the ISA accounts offered in the market. I was also thinking about switching my bank account to Halifax as Halifax promises its customers that £5 will be credited if more than £1000 is banked in every month. However, I am still quite happy with HSBC and I have decided to stick to them. What I do not like about is the number of brochures that comes together with my statement. In my recent statement, there are brochures about car insurance, mortgage, health savings account, advance bank account and personal loan. All these brochures will normally go to the recycle bin and that is about it.

Anyway, it is Friday again. I installed the latest Windows Mobile 6.5.5 cooked ROM yesterday and I spot no difference. I might spend most of my time fiddling with my mobile phone this weekend. This new ROM may perform better than the previous ROMs but to me, it is all about reinstalling the software again and restoring my PIM data. Sadly, the person who creates and updates all these cooked ROMs is leaving the scene and I may have to move on to other people out there who cooks ROMs for Omnia. Or maybe someday, I will be cooking my own ROM.

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    Right now your upgrade would cost about $50. But if you choose to get the phone you will have to pay a monthly service charge fee. Which includes unlimited megabyte usage. (Internet access) The service charge is $30/month. If you are willing to pay the fees then you can get the phone, but keep in mind that you will have to pay that monthly fee.-Hope this helps!

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    I am going to go buy a new phone soon, and was looking at the omnia i900. But i also just found out there’s an omnia i910, i was just wondering if there was really a difference in either phone?

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    the samsung omnia is just amazing i got it and i used to have i-phone 3G. well this is wway wwwway better than the i-phone!!

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    Does this really work-????…. i really wanna try it but i just dont wanna broke my htc touch pro 2 .. and that download link doesnt work…

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    I have heard from many of my friend that the review of Omnia WM6.5.5 is not at all good.

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    Samsung Omnia Series includes wide range of Windows Mobile powered phones such as Omnia II, Omnia Pro B7610, B7320, B7330 and Omnia Lite.

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    i hope windows mobile 7 can run on my old stylus-based phone. … I’ve seen win 6.5.5 at XDA . Have to say runs fast on my X1.

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