The date has been set. Last week, I was told that the internal website that I am doing will have to be completed with an additional module by the end of May. So, should I put Mee and my plan to New York on hold or should I just go for it? Mind you, summer is not a very good time to be there because of the heat. Anyway, my manager is away for a conference and he will be back on Wednesday. I will discuss with him by then. Another thing that worries me is the strictness of the US border. In UK border and Australia border, they always have a mind set that people are visiting their countries for jobs. Will the US border officers think that we are going there to look for New York jobs instead of touring?

Well, I am thinking of taking some evidence to show that I am working in the UK. It is kind of sad considering that I have a US visa approved by them. However, that was the case when I had my UK student visa and it is still the case even though I have a valid UK work permit. Each time, I went pass through the immigration, the officers have the same kind of look and they would query you as if your visa is not a valid one. Well, that is just how they work anyway.

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