Nothing to complain

The weather today is misty. It has turned from hot to cold in just a day. Since I have talked about the parking problems a couple of days ago, everything is normal again. However, I am quite sure that there will be some parking problems next week.

I ordered my supplements again last week and this time, the delivery was super-fast. I was also surprised that I received both text message and email confirming the delivery time and item tracking. I was even more surprised that the delivery arrived on time. As I was refreshing the item tracking page, I saw a message stating that the item was not delivered because there was no one at home. Immediately, I started to search the depot or maybe arrange a second delivery through the item tracking page. To my surprise again, Mee had signed for the item. She reached home from work just after the delivery man updated his item tracking database. Phew!

My order came with a free magazine and there are loyalty points to collect too. The magazine is quite informative. In fact, I thought it is better than the magazine which I bought several months back. It has a combination of workouts suggestions and nutrisystem reviews that help readers to choose and decide which is best for them. The products sold on this website is competitive in price and best of all, it has loyalty points which can then be converted to money on the next purchase. And the delivery was fast and what more can I ask?

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