Busy weekend

Yesterday was considered the last day of the training with the consultant. He has done 80 to 90 percent of his work here and from today onwards, it will be my job to further enhance it. He will come back sometime at the end of April and by then, we hope that we will have a more complete understanding of the coding and a more complete web module. Honestly, I did not learn a lot from the consultant because most of the time, he was working and troubleshooting at the same time. Sometimes, we were just chatting like how mac memory differs from pc memory as he mentioned that he prefers to work on a Mac. However, even before the training, I have already known what I needed to gain from him and I got most of my questions answered in the first two days of training.

Mee is on holiday this weekend. That means I will skip my spinning class and weight training session in the morning as we plan to go to Legoland and Wing Yip Colindale. Well, it is going to be a busy weekend but I still hope that we will have to time to go to gym on Sunday. And come Monday, it will be the same story; web programming all day long.

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