Slow XP, Fast Leopard

For the first time in months, I am using my netbook to blog. And I am using iDeneb Mac OSX Leopard’s Safari browser. Hmm…. my netbook is much more responsive when using Mac operating system. It was very lagged when I tried using Windows XP; the original operating system that came with the netbook. Well, at one point, I thought of reinstalling Windows XP but on second thought, I might be getting an iPad or a smartbook in a few months time. By then, I might as well be using Mac OSX Leopard solely on my netbook. Well, too much thinking here. Still months to go and I better concentrate on my work project first.

I am watching The Bourne Supremacy on my 14” CRT TV on a bedside cabinet as the tv stands. Well, Mee and I have been watching TV this way for almost a year now. It blocks our way a little but we are kind of used to it already. I just hope that we will soon have our own space; I mean renting a flat rather than a room like now. But that will mean more expenses and the opportunity to fill up the spaces of a flat rather than a room. Just a thought.

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