Gym tomorrow

It is still raining. I was supposed to be at the gym but I guess that I will go tomorrow. Tomorrow is bank holiday anyway and my muscles are still aching from yesterday session. Just to clarify, the PhD Catalyst which I mentioned earlier is not some kind of diet pills for men. Instead, it is like a normal vitamin supplement with some additional bit. In my opinion, it is like a super pill because it contains all the vitamins that I normally take; B, C and E as well as some minerals which are found in my PhD ISO-7 supplement. And each pill contains almost the same amount as you would normally take individually. Yeah, maybe it is like a multi-vitamin kind of thing but it is certainly more expensive than buying multi-vitamin.

By the way, my blog’s hosting server is doing some kind of migration. That was the reason of the downtime of my blog a few days ago. In addition, I could not ftp-ing my site which means I could not upload any pictures even if I wanted to.

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  1. Aromatherapy

    I cant go to the gym today. So can i do Body weight exercises tonight to maintain my muscle then lift hard tomorrow at the gym?

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