In comes Windows 7, out goes Mac OSX …

Hmmm…. with the installation of Windows 7 on my netbook, out goes Mac OSX Leopard from my netbook. As much as I liked about Mac OSX, it just proved to be a bit troublesome for me to connect to the internet wirelessly due to hardware incompatibility. Furthermore, I would get a Mac OSX version of blue screen of death once a while; maybe thrice in every ten use. I know there a lots of people out there who hates Microsoft products. Everyone has their rights to give an opinion. I do not really like Microsoft products sometimes but there are also things to love about too. As much as I hate about Vista, I like Windows 7 though and they are both Microsoft products. Maybe I have not found a fault in Windows 7 yet but the important thing is that it works for me now.

When I purchased a new computer last year, I had it partitioned into three drives. The first one is used for Windows XP, the second drive was reserved and the third one is being used as data storage; which contains half the size of the total hard drive. The second drive is no longer reserved as it is now being used by Windows 7. After hearing rave reviews about how good Windows 7 is, I decided to try it out and I am impressed. In my opinion, Windows Vista was like Windows XP with a different skin which made it a heavier operating system. Windows 7 on the other hand seems like a new kind of operating system.

Funnily enough, my netbook scored higher in the Windows Experience Index than my computer. Both has a built in graphic chipset and I do not really believe that my netbook could render 3D graphics better than my computer.

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