Busy days

Tomorrow, my manager and I will have to present our system to several people. It is not a completed product yet and we are just trying to get comments and ideas from people who will be using the system in the end. I wonder what will be the reaction. So far, we only have a few meetings within the department and most of the works are done by me. Every now and then, I will be changing a little bit on the design and my manager might not know about it. Thus, we will also have a meeting of our own later today. Again, I wonder what they will think about my new design.

Mee and I went to the gym yesterday. She attended the Step class while I lifted some weights. I decided not to go to the Step class because I am trying to do more weight sessions. There were quite a lot of people which made it a bit hard to concentrate. Every now and then, there would be people waiting behind me in order to use the machine that I was using. I did not care much but I was a bit distracted. When there were lots of people in the gym, you could see lots of different people and actions. I would say 40% was chatting while 30% was concentrating hard. Back in the changing, most people were eating power bars, drinking supplements or taking diet pill for the body to absorb after a sweaty training session.

I still prefer to workout on Saturday because there were not that many people using the facilities.

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