No classes next month

My manager and I have just finished a presentation. The responses were kind of good but I hope that there will be more input from them after this first session of presentation. We will have another presentation next week for those people who were unable to attend today’s session. The demand from the people who are going to use it eventually is getting more and more. As expected, it is no longer the same project as we envisaged it from the beginning.

Yesterday, Mee and I had another session of both Body Attack and Body Jam. I did not eat anything before attending the classes because I was having a meeting with my managers to discuss about the presentation today. Half way through the body attack class, I was feeling hungry and tired. At the start of body jam, I was already numbed.

The gym will be renovated at the beginning of June. Sadly, there will be no classes for about three weeks. But hopefully, the ‘new’ gym will look as impressive as the floor plan displayed around the gym. One thing which does not look good with the floor plan is the anti wrinkle face cream leaflet. Indeed, there is a beauty centre and a salon but I do not think that it is necessary to advertise that much within the gym. We were also been given leaflets during one of our spinning classes.

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