About my weight, again

My weight was surprisingly high yesterday and judging from that figure, I am very near to my ideal weight. Sorry about my moaning and it seems to have taken quite a long time for me to gain the last few kilograms. Believe me, I am trying my best here. If I could maintain yesterday’s weight, I will be a happy man because from there on, I am pretty close. And ultimately, I will stop drinking the supplements everyday. Instead, I will drink it only when I am training. Sadly, the gym will be half open next month and I would expect my weight to drop a bit. I hope my weight would stay the same though. Wait and see then.

Again, the spinning class instructor was giving out leaflets of the promotions that they have at the beauty centre in the gym. I think it is about 10% – 15% for treatments rather than dermalogica products, supplements and diet pills. I believe that most people will have their own frequent beauty centre and they will be more interested if they offer discount on products instead. Anyway, that is my own opinion.

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