Happy Birthday to me …

Yesterday was my birthday. As usual, I bought some food; shortcakes, muffins and tarts for my colleagues. Shortcakes were their favourite. Hmm… How do you choose a present normally? I would probably choose the things that I like. However, in the case of buying things for my colleagues, I will have to choose the things that I do not quite like. Well, that is just culture difference I think. We were brought up in different kind of environment and food though we speak the common language, English.

Mee made a cheesecake for me which was nice; lemony and cheesy taste. I do not think it tastes very much different from the cheesecakes which I had before. After all, this was her first effort in making a cheesecake.

Anyway, the day went well. Mee and I had our dinner at the Lime Leaf restaurant. It is a Thai food restaurant. However, we like to think that a third of its menu consists of Chinese style food. Upon entering the restaurant, we were greeted by a very welcoming Thai-waiter. We then ordered a Lime Leaf platter, Tom Yum Kung and Pad-Thai. Overall, the food was all right. I like the Tom Yum Kung because of its uniqueness but it lacked of spiciness and it was a bit salty. We also thought that the food was not hot enough.

We then proceeded to the Vue cinema to watch Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time. I was very excited before that but I was a little bit disappointed after watching it. Previously, I was not sure whether the lead actor was the suitable one to be the Prince of Persia. But no doubt, he was good. What disappoint me were the overall actions in the movie. Some of the actions we incredible and heart-stopping but it lacked the idea of deadly traps and puzzles which could easily be found in Prince of Persia games. Watching the trailer was like watching the summary of the whole movie. Hence, there were not much left to explore.

I just want to add. I read some of the reviews in the Internet Movie Database. There was one review that quotes “for an adult it’s silly and fun and utterly unrealistic”. What an idiot! I do not think of any movies that I have seen before were realistic. I mean how could a movie be realistic when everything is just about how a director and script want it to be. She even compared Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time to the In the Name of the King: A Dungeon Siege Tale. What a big mistake. That King movie was probably a low budget movie. It tried to imitate the force of Uruk-hai army as seen in The Lord of the Rings but failed miserably as they looked more like a bunch spiritless extras. Jason Statham starred in that King movie. I have to say apart from the Transporter, any other movies that starring Jason Statham is not really worth watching.

Apparently, this reviewer wrote quite a lot of reviews in IMDB. Having read through some of the reviews, it is clear that she has a definite definition for the movies that she is about to watch. For example, in a movie about police, she will be expecting shooting, bombs and killings. However, a movie about police can also be about a spy which does not necessarily involve a lot of shooting. It will be about how the spy can keep the line clear between being a good guy and being a bad guy. Well, can someone please stop me now? I think I can spend the whole day criticising her. I will stop myself now.

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