Days go on …

My office computer is not at its best recently. I have troubles using some of my daily programs. The IT support had sort of fixed it yesterday but it is even worse today. I have not logged another call to them but I will definitely do it tomorrow. I am afraid that they might have to format my computer. Fortunately, I have another spare computer with me except that it lacks a few pieces of software.

My manager is on holiday from today until the middle of next week. Soon, I will be going on my holiday too. In UK, May is like the last month with several Bank Holidays and I will be working without rest for the month of June. Hence, I cannot wait to go on holiday. Mee feels the same too because she has been hardworking and taking a lot of extra hours. Hope we will have an enjoyable holiday!

As said, the gym is officially under renovation and it is now in its second week. Two third of the gym is closed and members will have to resort to using limited gym equipment. Most of the available weight equipment is for teenager. I used them last Saturday and I did not feel much tension even though I set the weight to maximum. As there were not many people there, I tried free weights. Now, I am kind of addicted to free weights. Mee and I still attend the gym classes as often as we can. Most of the classes have been replaced by spinning while some of the spinning classes will be changed to circuit if the weather allows.

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    I am not to keen on the idea of joining a gym, I’m way too conscience to work out in front of loads of people. So i was wondering what gym equipment would be best for home?Thanks.

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