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One advertisement that caught my attention recently was about massage tables. I heard a lot about massage chairs but this would be the first time that I heard about massage tables. A trip to the website does not really impress me though the portable massage chairs look kind of interesting. A lot of times, I complain to Mee that the technology that we apply in Malaysia seems far more advance compared to the UK. Most of the colleges in Malaysia already have implemented ID cards for students and door access security is applied almost in all medium size businesses and above. Yet, the place I work now seems to be the last to implement technology. Fortunately, the management team has seen the need for a change and starting to consider various opportunities and approaches to make the place better.

Well, back to this topic. In Malaysia, massage chairs are popular and they can cost more than few thousands pounds. They are design to be comfortable and just by looking at it have already made you very comfortable. However, the buttons in some advance massage chairs might put you off as it is as if you are in a cockpit. Massage tables seem like a new thing or an old thing which is developing slowly. Given time and attention, massage tables might be the thing to look for in the future!

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    Can you recommend a type of portable massage table? What features are important to look for. What other equipment or supplies does a beginning massage therapist need?Thanks.

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    I have my massage table that is folded in half and in a bag.can i take that with me? Coz i am going with a plane.

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