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The Gadget Show is one of my favourite TV programmes even though I always complain about two of the presenters in the show. They have done a good job in making the show interesting as well as making comparisons between the different types of technology that are available in a particular device. For example, the television we watch everyday. In the past, we may only think about the size of the TV when we want to make a purchase. These days, we have to think about whether to get a 3D TV, or a LED TV, or a LCD TV, or a Plasma TV and then we will only think about the size.

A picture is worth a thousand words. Surely, a video will worth a million words. To be able to see hands-on reviews, where the presenters are actually using and testing the device on a TV show make a great deal of difference compared to reading a review from the internet.

As much as I like about the show, their reviews published on the website is a disaster. The reviews are not in great detail and features only four sections; the basics, the good, the bad and the bottom line. They give G ratings for every device. I find that most of the gadgets tested have at least 4Gs or 5Gs. I mean no gadgets are perfect and giving a 5Gs to almost all DSLR cameras is like saying that because DSLR cameras take good pictures, they deserve 5Gs. And 4Gs for compact digital cameras because they do not take pictures as good as DSLR. Another example is the iPhone. I have never used iPhone before but surely the loss of signals issues should cost some Gs. However, iPhone 3Gs has a rating of 4Gs while iPhone 4 has a rating of 5Gs. Well, in my opinion, they website reviews are quite a joke.

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