All work and no internet

For the past three days, I had been working in a computing room near the server room. The IT support had created a link to the server for staffs who basically needed a computer to work on. Obviously, I was one of them and well, there were only five staffs in the room. It was all work and no internet. The downtime is part of the plan to upgrade the whole IT infrastructure which includes replacing all the switches, old computers, cables as well as the servers. New racks are brought in too to accommodate the new servers and switches in various places. I have heard that the phone system is going to be upgraded too. The current phone system is still the PABX type and gosh, it is awful. Over the next couple of weeks, door access system will also be in place and the management will be able to trace the whereabouts of staffs; the last time they log in to a room and most importantly, the time they come to work, I think. Other major projects include the revamp of the reception area and the pavement towards the reception area. Most probably, they will be looking at repainting the building and one of the plans show that the front reception area will be steel buildings like design with modern lightning.

Anyway, my main concern is the plan for next week. Apparently, there will be some power down days and I wonder what we will be doing at that time. Some of the IT personnels were not even aware of what is going to happen on Monday, let alone the whole weeks’ schedule.

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