RFID Wallet

While Mee and I were in New York, I bought myself a Kenneth Cole wallet. It was considerable cheap and I like it because it is small. Yeah, smaller than the wallets that I had before. The only thing that I dislike is that it only has seven card compartments. I wished it had more. Since then, I start to search for cardholders. The designs and the types that I could find are limited. At the end of the day, I decided to just stick with the seven card compartments and leave some of the not-so-necessary cards at home. When I do need to use them, I will just stick them in the cash compartment before I go out. Interestingly, I came across rfid wallet while I was searching for cardholders online. It incorporates infrared technology into wallet to alert the owner in the event of theft. I thought it is quite a nice feature and it would be great if it could be applied as an addition to existing wallets. That could really ease of some worries, as one would never know when they would be pick-pocketed.

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