Getting new tyres

I have just completed tyre booking with Kwik Fit, an automotive repair centre. I used the website before to book a MOT and full service. It was quick and easy. This time, I purchased two new tyres online and I am not impressed. It has a facility to search a car’s tyres by entering the car registration. However, it only worked once out of 10 times. 3 out of 5 times I got an error message which prevent me from booking a specific appointment time. The error message did actually book the time but it did not let me proceed with the payment. Therefore, I had to wait for 20 minutes for the booking to be cancelled. Anyway, their service is what I am after. That particular garage left me a good impression when I had my car’s MOT and full service done. I hope the person in charge will not disappoint me this Friday.

The tyres that I bought were UniRoyal Rain Expert. I have not heard of it before. I would love to go for Bridgestone or Michelin if the price is right but the two brands were not in the list of available tyres. I almost went for Pirelli P6000 but I thought that I should check the forums or read some of the tyre reviews available. I thought it would be hard to find tyre reviews but surprisingly, it was as easy as searching for supplements review.

Pirelli P6000 may be renown in making tyres but among the comments that I picked up were expensive, unreliable and perform badly on wet weather. Honestly, I could not afford changing between winter and summer tyres. Thus, what I really need is a set of balance tyres that work on both dry and wet. UniRoyal Rain Expert seems to be getting raved reviews, which I thought I should give it ago. It is interesting to see how it performs compared to my current Avon tyres.

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