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Once a while, I receive emails from Amazon and about new promotional products and latest offers in store. One thing that interested me is the Sony Nex camera. The Sony Nex series camera is sort of in the middle of DSLR and compact digital camera. At the moment, it is the smallest interchangeable lens camera available. It also featured in the most recent episode of The Gadget Show where it was compared against Olympus EP-1. It won every category contested; panorama, exposure, action.

In the Sony Nex series, there are two models, Sony Nex-3 and Sony Nex-5. Needless to say, Nex-3 is cheaper than Nex-5 but the features are almost the same. Nex-3 has a plastic body and 720p video recording while Nex-5 has an aluminium body and 1080p video recording.

A while ago, Mee and I have decided that it is time to move on from Canon Ixus-65. We searched and surveyed the market but none of the models available in the market appealed us. I was after something nearer to DSLR performance while Mee was still interested in compact digital cameras. At that time, I was already interested in Sony Nex but it is not compact enough for Mee. The closest we came about was Canon Ixus 300HS. It is top of the range of compact digital camera for Canon. The HS stands for High Speed and it should perform well in low light situation, but in reality, it still nowhere near DSLR performance. In the end, we decided that we should wait and see what the market has to offer.

Up until today, I still think that Sony Nex should be our next camera. It looks great too. Normal DSLR cameras are boring but maybe more practical than Sony Nex. Anyway, who cares? A couple of years later, we might need to poke our head into the market again, looking for newer cameras.

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