A couple of days ago, I went online and ordered my protein supplement. That was the third time I ordered from the company. The service was good and I get points for every pound that I spend. The points can then be converted back into money for use on next purchase. As usual, I spent above £50 and the order came with a free magazine and next day delivery. However, the delivery was not usual. On my previous purchases, I got a text message and an email prior to the delivery. It even stated the time of delivery and estimated time arrival. I could even track the item location through the internet. This time, I got none though the item arrived as expected. Anyway, another usual thing was the junk leaflets that came with the purchase. This time, it was about rapid opiate detox. Sometimes, I just thought eating less and drinking lots of water is a method of detoxing too.

My purchase this time is Maximuscle Cyclone. Sometimes, I wonder if I should carry on drinking these supplements. I am not thinking about the side effects, since millions of people are using them. Instead, I wonder if I am wasting my money on these supplements. I do somehow feel the difference with and without drinking the supplements prior to my training sessions. Overall, I think the PhD series of supplements does not work well for me. Maximuscle is more expensive than PhD products but I see better results with it. I shall see if my latest purchase would take me to greater weights!

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    Right now I’m using ProLab and I’m seeing as much results as I was with the old protein stuff i was using called Nitrotech. Does anyone know what a good protein supplement is for a better rate of muscle growth or a different kind of supplement maybe.Looking a good protein supplement,Thanks.

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