Our friend

Two of our Malaysian friends came to UK for holiday. One of them arrived last week while the other one arrived just last Sunday. Mee and I met up with one of them last night at her friend’s house in Middlesex. It took about an hour to drive there and the traffic was smooth. When we arrived there, they were kind of waiting for us for dinner. They had prepared sushis, fried instant noodle, miso soup, baked mashed potato and smoked salmon. After dinner, our friend, Mee and I went upstairs to her room to look at some of the sale items that she bought last week. When we went downstairs again, her friend brought out a cake to make an early celebration for her birthday which is on the 20th October. We celebrated and chatted again until around 2300. It was almost 0000 when Mee and I reached home. Tired but worth it. Mee has not seen her for about one a half year while I just saw her during our previous trip back to Malaysia. We still have a lot of things to talk about and Mee and I plan to meet up with her again this Saturday as her flight back to Malaysia is at Saturday’s night.

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