I signed up Airmiles a few months ago to take up the advantages of exchanging points for travel deals. One of the best deals is getting an instant 1500 points when I have my credit cards approved by Lloyds bank and spend £10 or more in the first month. Well, I have done that and I now have 1500 points worth of voucher which will allows me to book a return ticket for two in zone 1. I have not really looked at how far zone 1 will take me to but I guess, it won’t be very far. The idea of booking hotels through Airmiles website also has made me feel that there won’t be any cheap hotel deals. Anyway, it is less than 2 months from Christmas and any trips will have to be planned after Christmas and New Year.

Dealing with Lloyds bank is not very pleasant too. I have applied for additional cards for Mee a couple of months ago but there is no news at all. Not even a letter saying whether it is approved or not. No wonder it is one of the worst bank in UK in the recent survey.

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