Since our last visit to Westfield Shopping Centre in London, MacBook Air has become my most wanted gadget. However, I am still waiting eagerly for Apple to come up with the next generation of iPad which is why I am still holding back. If the next generation of iPad is like a touch netbook, I might get an iPad instead. Anyway, I believe the best that Apple can do to the next generation of iPad is to add a webcam and maybe a memory card reader. If iPad functions like a netbook, it might affect the sales of their new 11” MacBook Air. If I were to get a MacBook Air, I will then be thinking about laptop insurance. It seems sensible to purchase 3 years laptop insurance when purchasing such an expensive gadget. But then again, it will mean that I have to fork out more money. Tough decision.

In the meantime, I have been trying out different operating systems on my Samsung NC10 netbook. So far, I have tried Chromium OS, MeeGo and Ubuntu Netbook Remix by booting from my pen drive. Chromium OS looked basic while MeeGo looked a bit more impressive. The best thing about the two was that I just need to login once and all my social network stuffs are login as well, just like a smartphone, except bigger. Ubuntu Netbook Remix is a proper operating systems which has been ‘remix’ to suit netbook, as the name suggested. To me, I like more control and Ubuntu Netbook Remix will suit me better if compared to Chromium OS and MeeGo.

As mentioned, I have run Ubuntu Netbook Remix from a pen drive. I quite like it and I have decided that I will format my netbook. Before that, I need to backup my files which I have already started doing backups last night. A few more checking on the files tonight and I can start installing Ubuntu Netbook Remix on my netbook.

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