Still Ubuntu-ing

Guess what? I am still using Ubuntu but not the netbook edition. I am using the Desktop Edition because it allows customisation. Well, allow me to explain further from what I know. During login, one can choose to login to either Netbook Edition or Desktop Edition. Netbook Edition is a readily customised interface for netbook users for better usage of the screen resolution. Desktop Edition is like a default desktop interface where you will have to customise it from scratch and to your needs.

The reason that I used the word ’still’ was because I would normally get bored of another operating system and eventually, I will go back to Windows. MacOS is quite similar to Ubuntu, or Linux I should say, but it was unstable on my Samsung NC10 netbook. I had Linux Redhat on my computer few years ago but it was too technical for me then. Hence, I am quite impressed because I have not login to my netbook’s Windows for weeks now. I was quite tempted to get myself a Macbook Air next year when Mee and I visited the Apple Store in Westfield, London but now, I am quite satisfied with my netbook on Ubuntu. However, I might still change my mind as I believe that more exciting things will come from Apple next year; new Apple iPad, new Apple OS Lion and hopefully, more affordable Macbooks.

Moving on, my cable tv supplier has given a few tv channels free for viewing until the end of November. I believe it is one of their tricks to tempt its customers in upgrading their tv packages come this Christmas. The free channels are mostly about food, houses, modern furniture, as well as reality shows which both Mee and I are quite like to watch. However, we are not tempted to upgrade our tv package anyway.

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