Car drama …

Last Friday, I heard some weird noises coming out from the back of my car while I was driving. There were some sort of metal knocking sound and the exhaust sound got louder. I was already going to send my car to Kwik Fit Service Centre the next day because of there also seemed to be some wiring problem with my car’s brake lights. I was not thinking of booking an appointment because it was only the brake lights that concerned me initially. However, with the noises coming out from the back of my car, I decided to book a free exhaust check appointment online with Kwik Fit. And I found out that I could get 15% discount on any exhaust quote with an online booking.

Come Saturday and I got my car’s exhaust checked at Kwik Fit Centre. The results? The box with tail pipe was detached from the centre pipe due to corrosion. Hence, the metal knocking sound and because the box acts as a silencer, the exhaust sound became louder as it was not connected with the centre pipe. They had to order new exhaust and it will only arrive on Monday. I was then advised to drive around without the box with tail pipe until Monday. Gosh, the sound of the exhaust really bothered me for the next two days but at least without the metal knocking noise.

All in all, I quite like going to Kwik Fit Service Centre because in my opinion, they are honest. They wouldn’t normally replace something which doesn’t need replacing. During the exhaust inspection, I even asked whether or not I should replace the whole exhaust pipe as the pipe looked corroded and old. The advice was a simple ‘no’. And what’s more? I changed my car’s brake pad at Kwik Fit Service Centre previously and it has a lifetime warranty. This time, the box with tail pipe comes with a three years warranty.

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