As expected, my mailboxes are getting less spammed as Christmas and New Year are over now. The sale had not been great this year compared to previous years. Not many online retailers are able to keep their prices low for too long especially with the increase of VAT and everything. On the other hand, health products and diet supplements are doing very well. I received emails almost daily from my favourite supplement drink, Maximuscle, articles about cheap phenphedrine, low prices on vitamin supplements and the likes. I think I had mentioned this before, receiving these types of mails is not necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes, the offers are too much to miss and I might find myself buying things from them.

Gosh, I am so sleepy now and it’s not even midnight. I can barely open my eyes. I haven’t had coffee in the office for weeks and I almost had one today. I would probably have one tomorrow. I was sleepy in the office and the only thing that was keeping me awake was the tasks that I have been handed to do. Most of the are urgent and they are all lining up very closely. My prediction is, I will be busy until the day my holiday starts. I am almost like my other colleagues where busy is the word.

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