Things haven’t really been going to well for Mee and me. Just when I thought that everything is going to be alright, there comes another problem, though not a big one. I do hope that there won’t be many hurdles throughout the year seeing that the hardest ones, I think, are already over. Another two more years, we shall know whether or not we will continue living in the UK. Well, a lot of things can happen in a day, let alone two years. We are not thinking too far ahead and we are just hoping that things will be fine if we work hard enough.

At our age, naturally we hope to have a home of our own. For me, especially, I like gadgets. I always hope for that kind of life whereby I can come home from work, have a shower and relax in the living room equipped with a home theater system with dvd. I also love to link up everything; pc to TV and better yet, WiFi everything. Sometimes, I have to work from home and the current condition doesn’t allow me to work comfortably. Mee on the other hand would love a huge kitchen with all the utensils at her disposals. And of course, our bedroom will be a place only for sleeping though I have a habit of sleeping in the couch in the past. All these sound like a dream but we do hope to realise it after two years.

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