Tiring day

I just washed my car this morning. It’s been a long time since I washed it and I only have the weather to blame. I quite like the idea of washing my own car because I can save money and I will be able to know which part of the car that might have been scratched. These days, there are quite a lot of drinking and driving cases around the area. Cars that are parked by the roadside can be quite prone to damage by drunkers. Worst still, most drink and drive drivers would normally be without licence and insurance. Even though my car is about 12 years old now, I will still be upset if my car gets scratched or damaged for no particular reason.

Hmm…. I am kind of tired now as Mee and I went to a body attack class this morning right before I washed my car. Hence, I am now wondering if I should go to the gym later to do my free weight session. I think I should because next week Saturday will be the start of Mee and my holidays!

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