Ordered MacBook Air 13″ …

At last, I ordered a unit of MacBook Air 13”. I have chosen the base model with the RAM upgrade. Well, I actually asked my brother to order it in Malaysia since it is a lot cheaper than to buy here in the UK. It will take three days to prepare and another three days for delivery. The date for delivery is from 15th March – 17th March. I just hope that they could do it faster as Mee and I will be flying out to Hong Kong on the 16th March. How nice it will be for it to arrive on the 15th March. From today onwards, I guess I will be checking Apple website day and night regarding my order and delivery status.

Previously, I was so obsessed with MacBook Air 11” that I didn’t realise that the price difference between a full spec MacBook Air 11” and a MacBook Air 13” with a similar spec is only RM6. That’s less than two pounds. With that, I will gain an SD card reader, a bigger screen and a faster processor. These days, I spent quite a lot of time on my Samsung NC10 netbook and I realise that having a bigger screen does help. Even though MacBook Air 11” has a better screen resolution than traditional netbooks, a physical larger screen sounds a lot sensible to me. By the way, it is the same weight as my Samsung NC10 netbook.

I can’t wait to use my MacBook Air on our trip but still, there is a chance that I will only be able to explore it after Mee and I come back from our trip. Fingers crossed!

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