Trip finished!

Mee and I arrived at Kuala Lumpur International Airport last Friday and since then, we have been staying at my hometown. It also means that our Macau, Hong Kong and Taiwan trip has come to an end. We have been in and out of three airports for the past 15 days and Hong Kong International Airport is what I considered the most convenient one. It has hassle free WiFi connection and the custom officer was very friendly and efficient. The shops sell all kind of stuffs from food to electronics to even nurses uniform and comic-like display items. However, they don’t come cheap. Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport is old though it is under renovation. There are only two ways of getting to Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport which are by bus or taxi. We had a hard time trying to catch a bus to Taiwan’s Taoyuan International Airport as the bus station is not located conveniently. Luckily, we met a very kind lady who showed us all the way to the bus station. We thoroughly enjoyed the trip but overall, we loved Taiwan the most, food particularly.

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