Etihad Airways …

Has anyone heard of Etihad Airways? Whenever Mee and I go back to Malaysia, our families and friends will surely ask which airways we fly. I wonder if it was my pronunciation and it turned out that not many people knew about it and I had pronounced it correctly. If you watch football, take a note at Manchester City’s sponsor.

Before we booked our flight, we were kind of wary about Etihad Airways as we have not heard anything about it really other than the fact that it sponsors Manchester City. Anyway, we made our decisions promptly as it was one of the cheapest options and the flight transfer waiting time was reasonably short. It took 7 hours from London Heathrow to Abu Dhabi and another 7 hours from Abu Dhabi to Kuala Lumpur which was quite a nice break between a long flight. A couple of days after we booked our flight, we browsed the Etihad Airways website and even for economy class, the in-flight entertainment is powered by a 10” touch screen device. The seats looked spacious too.

The day came. We boarded the flight and everything was spot on. The seat arrangement was 2-4-2 and we wished that we knew as it would have been a lot comfortable to have the window seat. Nevertheless, the seat was a bit spacious compared to the Boeing planes we experienced before. The 10” touch screen was impressive. The video quality was great. I used to get very excited about in-flight entertainment but I was disappointed with Malaysia Airlines as well as Singapore Airlines planes because the screen size was small and the picture and sound quality were terrible.

The service was far from great. In fact, the steward and stewardess looked clumsy and not at all friendly. However, I was not picky as long as I got served. The food was normal. Another thing to note was that they were not that punctual. Given the choice again though, I will still choose Etihad Airways.

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