Normal days

Mee and my life have kind of gone back to normal; doing our day to day job, gym and preparing meals. The impression that I had when we came back from Malaysia and entered our rented room was a lot different compared to previous years. It seemed to me that I have used to the living style here. I felt at home. At the same time, things are going to change for sure. My future depends on whether or not my current company’s decision about my contract. There are other options available though but I would love to hear their decision before progressing further. Time flies as usual. Rather than be bothered about something that I cannot control, I should enjoy the time that I have until then.

In the meantime, we started our gym workout classes the week we arrived from Malaysia. The instructor still recognised us. Just a couple of days ago, we attended the body attack class again and it was packed. When finished, we tried to book a place for next week’s class, we were told it was fully booked already. The receptionist looked at the timetable a couple of times as well as using the laser barcode scanner to scan our membership cards but she just couldn’t register a place for us. Members are allowed to book 7 days in advance while it’s 6 days for non-members. The receptionist was puzzled and we were baffled.

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