Virgin Media

Virgin Media’s services have gone crazy again. The broadband and on demand TV have been disrupted in my area and it is estimated to be only available tomorrow’s night at 8pm. They never explain why and it always happens during weekend. I now have to rely on my 3G connections to do my online stuffs. I have complained before about the time it took for them to fix the broadband as well as making an appointment with their technician. It used to take only one to two days but now, I have to wait for three to four days. Seriously, I am likely to email them another complain and request them to clarify the term ‘disruption’ more clearly. I personally don’t think it is fair for them not to explain and most importantly, I need to know why it is always weekends.

Even though Virgin Media’s website indicated that it is only the on demand TV service that is interrupted, I find that some of the channels are not working properly as well. One of the channels literally hung with an image of medical lab coat with distorted sound in the background. I believe that was a scene from the Scrubs. Come to think about it, there is always this email about website that I get in my mailbox which is related to medical supplies and lab coats. Anyway, I really hope that they keep their promises and fix the whole thing tomorrow.

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