Mee has uploaded our photos taken in Greece in Facebook. Comments poured in and many likes as well. When I had a look at the photos a few days ago, I suddenly felt a bit bad due to my inactive behaviour on Facebook. By that I mean most of our friends took the time and trouble to browse through our photos and write comments while I take no effort in doing the same. Hence, I took about an hour last Saturday and browsed through some of the latest photos uploaded as well as making comments.

That activity has kind of made me feel a lot better but from that time onward, I don’t think I have logged into Facebook and actually done something.

Facebook, to me, is quite a great tool if you use it right. It’s quite the same as Twitter. When I first used Twitter, I gave it up very soon just because I don’t know how to use it. I picked it up a couple of years later and I am enjoying it now. Some of my friends are using it for wedding invitations as well as organising birthday. I think it’s great but only if your friends are actively involved too. Did I mention about the games and personality tests? Yeah, they are good only if they don’t encourage users to post their results. It’s just annoying but luckily, there’s an option to disable them from displaying in the news section.

The next thing that I am going to try out is Google Plus. I am on the waiting list and hopefully, Google will have a slot soon.

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