Moving on …

I haven’t been blogging on this blog for four days, which seem like quite a long time. Well, it’s quite normal though but this time, it has a good reason behind the delay. In less than a week’s time, hopefully, this blog will be completely overhauled as I am moving on. It is currently running on Flatpress and I shall convert it to WordPress. Thanks to a script provided by the Flatpress owner, I can easily export all my posts and import them in to WordPress. However, the categories cannot be exported and I have to find a way to relink the pictures. That shouldn’t be too much of a problem, I think.

Well, the reason behind all these fuss is quite simple. I have started paying for web hosting service with another company. With my current free web hosting service, I cannot host a WordPress site unless I pay a certain amount of money. That’s not too much of a problem but my current web hosting service is not that stable and I can only hope for the worst if I am still with them. By moving over to WordPress, I can manage my blog better and easier. One sad thing is that I will not be able to use my custom theme and I will have to settle with one of the thousands WordPress theme out there. I can make some effort in creating my own WordPress theme but it’s certainly not now.

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