Stress …

I seem to have lost myself these days. I know that it’s normal for me to not post something for couple of weeks. I will still be blogging on my other blogs or even writing comments and articles on other websites when I am not on this blog. For the past few days however, I think I have the lowest internet activity of all time. I virtually did nothing at night other than sleeping, playing games or watching tv programmes. I just didn’t want to be online and typing away. I felt tired and not in the mood. Maybe I was busy at work. Well, I am still very busy at work. Everything just comes at once, though I can handle them all, I still feel stressed.

Going to the gym seems like a getaway for me but I am physically tired after a gym session as opposed to mentally. I still quite like a session of body attack and I actually miss the classes if I couldn’t attend them. It’s like a boost after a long day at work.

I believe everything will come back eventually. Once started again, I will type more and more. There’s always a period where we just want to stop or run out of ideas. After a while, everything will be back to normal again I supposed.

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