Rules are meant to be broken …

Sometimes, people say things but they never mean it. Unimportant matters can be let off but rules should not be taken lightly. Mee and I have been living in this house for almost four years now. Tenants move in and out. The shortest was about two weeks. The current batch is considered the longest tenants to have lived together in this house. Over the years, there were complaints about the cleanliness, spaces and noises. Rules keep on adding and until now, no one seems to care. Well, Mee and I care because we live downstairs and we can be quite easily affected by the noises that they make upstairs as well as when they are downstairs.

Our landlord has been quite accommodating. When we discussed about cleanliness, he hires a weekly cleaner. When we talked about spaces, he kind of ensures that some open spaces should not be used for personal space. When we spoke about noises, he announces that everyone should try to be quiet before ten in the morning and after ten at night.

All is well at the beginning. As time goes, every single rule is broken. There are three tenants upstairs and there’s only one who thinks that she owns the house. I call her Person A here. Surprisingly, our landlord is still very accommodating.

A couple of months back, we all have agreed that we need to clear our stuffs out of the living room. Now, half of the living room is filled with Person A’s stuffs. At one point, she even had a shoe rack in the living room. Our landlord didn’t care until I asked him whether or not it is appropriate to have a shoe rack in the living room. I was already hinting that there are too many stuffs in the living room. Either he chose to ignore my plea or he just forgets everything.

The previous cleaner went on maternity leave, hence, her job is now covered by Person A. So, what about the rules of not having a cleaner who lives in the same house? Even then, Person A couldn’t clean properly. Our landlord is so good to her that she doesn’t even need to clear the rubbish bin during cleaning. When the previous cleaner was still working, Person A used to clear her room’s rubbish by dumping them into the kitchen’s bin.

For the past few days, Person A even dared to take the kitchen door’s key with her and leave the house from the back door. We are all trapped in the house with only the front door to use. Person A never thought about the need of other tenants to use the backyard and the shed.

Person A used to be quite sensible but since we had a little bit of argument, she starts smoking and does stuffs which Mee and I would deem stupid. In other words, stupid stuffs! All the things that she said that she would not be doing, she is doing now. I guess she is showing her true colours now!

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