Veho 360 rechargeable speaker

Veho 360 Rechargeable Speaker
Veho 360 Rechargeable Speaker

Just recently, I bought a Veho 360 rechargeable speaker at £5. I am still waiting for it to be delivered by and it has been 11 days since I placed the order. The website states its status as Awaiting Stock while the product page itself says Usually dispatched within 4-5 days. I wonder if I should contact the customer service about the mismatch information. I am not urgently in need to use the speaker and I just bought it because it’s cheap. I already have a 2.1 speaker for my desktop PC and I don’t think anyone would have regarded Veho 360 rechargeable speaker as a replacement for home speakers.

My idea is to hook it up to my PSP and play podcasts. Yeah, you are reading it right. I am using my PSP to play podcasts instead of playing games on it. Well, I suppose my iPad2 has really taken over as the main gaming machine. The huge 9.7″ just makes it irresistable though I have mentioned before that iOS games are still not as polish as true gaming consoles. PSP Vita is the one to watch and I was quite surprised when I found out that it’s only going to cost around £200 for a WiFi model only. I thought it was going to cost more being a Sony product especially PSP has so many enhancement over its predecessor. But for the time being, I am quite satisfied with iPad2 and iOS games are definitely cheaper than PSP Vita’s.

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