iPod Nano as my watch

As discussed in my previous posts, although not in detail, I kind of decided to gamble on Lunatik Multitouch watch strap for iPod Nano. I said gamble because I found out that it is cheaper to buy at eBay. Actually, a lot cheaper. The retail price is at £69 while eBay is selling only around £25 at most including postage. And it is delivered from Hong Kong. The price is a little bit hard to believe and that’s what I am going to gamble. It’s always a hit and miss sometimes when doing deal at eBay but I do hope it’s a hit for me this time.

Anything thing about it is that Lunatik Multitouch watch strap looks bulky but it offers protection to iPod Nano. I am just a bit worry that it might look huge on my wrist. I tried to imagine it but comparing the measurements to my normal watches but who knows when it comes to seeing the real thing. Overall, I kind of make the decision to use iPod Nano as a watch and it makes a perfect Christmas present for myself too!

eBay is almost always the place where I can find things which I couldn’t find at sites like Amazon or Play.com. However, this time, it’s harder to find Lunatik products than necklace extender products! I can’t imagine that a product that popular in US can’t easily be found in UK! Well, having said that, after a trip to Hong Kong early this year, I found out that they have more people using Apple products (especially iPad and iPhone) there than anywhere else in UK.

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