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Mac OS X Lion
Mac OS X Lion

I finally did it. I downloaded Mac OS X Lion last night in less than an hour; 48 mins to be exact. It costs £20.99 and so far, I think it’s worth it. I don’t know each of the 250 new features and I am probably only interested in the full screen. However, as I use it, I discovered a few additional features, most noticeably the auto correct function which is the same as iOS. It is a great addition rather than having to right click a word in order to correct it. I am still trying to get use to the scrolling and swiping of the trackpad. Mac OS X Lion has reversed the scrolling and while I don’t think it’s difficult to use, I don’t think it’s something that people should complain about either. Anyway, it can be reverted back to how it use to be in the settings.

On other notes, I don’t think it slows down my Macbook Air and I don’t feel any speed improvement either. iCloud is only useful for me to find my iPad2 and Macbook Air. I don’t backup my data on it for now as I use Google more at the moment. The annoying thing is that MobileMe still exists in the setting menu. I thought iCloud has replaced MobileMe completely. The even more annoying thing is that it is a known problem that Lion users cannot sign in to MobileMe. So, every time I try to sync my Google stuffs, it will throw out a message requesting me to login to MobileMe.

I am quite happy with Mac OS X Lion. I haven’t experienced any serious problems. Some users reported that some swipe motions causes Safari to close unexpectedly. But Safari works fine for me and I am just loving the real full screen feature!

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