Free add-ons keep you wondering

A couple of days ago, I received an email from Virgin Media, my television, broadband and telephone service provider informing me that I am entitled to receive free £6 worth of telephone add-ons. It includes cheaper international calls, cheaper mobile calls and 250 minutes worth of 0845 and 0870 calls. Well, the only add-on that I am interested about is the 250 minutes as calling 0845 numbers can be quite expensive when you have to listen to some music and advertisements before you can actually get hold of someone. Other than that, I don’t make mobile phone calls very often and I use Skype for international calls which works out cheaper. Skype even allows audio conference calls where you can chat with several people at once. I never tried that before and I just thought it would be difficult to hear each other, wouldn’t it? The real big question that I have in mind is whether or not I will be charged in the future once I opted in. Though it’s a little bit late to consider it as I have signed up for it already but I believe that I can still cancel it should I find the terms and conditions a bit dodgy later on.

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