Christmas soon

No doubt Christmas is fast approaching. Every year, the celebrations seem to get earlier and earlier. Just weeks ago, Christmas trees have already been put up in the town centre. Dozen of retail stores have started decorating and having sales. Very soon, my colleagues will be talking about our yearly Christmas presents where each of us will buy a small gift and put into together into a sack. On our final working day before our Christmas break, we will each draw one out and that will be our Christmas present. I wonder what will be their selection of Christmas gifts for babies as one of my colleagues has got a baby girl and another baby coming soon. My other colleagues might get something for that colleague since it’s Christmas.

Hmm… I don’t think that I ever bought anything for myself during Christmas. Well, I mean something expensive. All I ever got during previous Christmases was clothing. As I mentioned in my previous post, I might get myself an iPod Nano watch. It’s nothing new, it’s just an iPod Nano plus a watch strap. I have done some research for the past few days and most smart watches are either expensive or ugly. I think iPod Nano watch might just do it well for me. To my surprise, Sony Ericsson had developed a series of bluetooth watches a few years ago. However, no one knows why they decided to discontinue it.

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