Little but huge iPad2

It’s been almost half a year since Mee bought me an iPad2. It’s a great device and I am not sure if I will ever be going back to gaming on my Sony PSP. I will try that someday but it might not be as pleasing to the eye as iPad2; well, gaming on a 9.7″ compared to 4.3″. Loading time is significantly shorter too. I have to admit though, holding my iPad2 with both of my hands at the bottom corner and playing Fifa12 does look weird. In addition, I bought a Fling iPad joystick to enhance the gaming experience. It works really good but I just hope that there will be a better and sturdier joystick developed in the near future.

Unlike my Macbook Air where it’s battery drains quickly when performing intensive tasks, I can play games for a day without the need to charge my iPad2. iPad2 doesn’t seem to be affected a lot by the types of apps or games that it runs and the WiFi is connected all the times. My Sony PSP now lasts about 2 hours I think.

I think of iPad2 as a gaming device now though it’s also very handy for browsing, checking emails and social networking. Just unlock it and fire away. One thing for sure, I don’t think I will categorised it as e-book readers as I don’t read a lot of books. Reading e-magazines is a better experience but they usually come with a cost.

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