Hmm… it is almost Christmas and I have not posted anything about Christmas at all. First of, this year’s Christmas is nothing like any Christmas in the past years since Mee and I came to UK. The weather is not exactly wintery and there is not a single drop of snow yet. There was some sleet the other day and that’s about it. One of my colleagues said that this year’s Christmas might be the hottest with 15 degree Celsius expected.

As usual, my mailbox is flooded with e-leaflets. When I purchased something from Amazon, I expect that I will get an e-leaflet per day from Amazon. Funnily enough, those items listed in the e-leaflet are matching items to my most recent purchase. Why would Amazon think that I still want to purchase similar thing after my initial purchase? Okay, it may sound confusing but I just don’t understand the purpose behind it.

As for other e-stores like ebuyer and, they just keep bombarding my mailbox about anything they sell; gadgets, hard disks, cufflinks for men, clothing, swimwear and many more things. Maybe I have not purchased anything from them and they could not find a match. Anyway, Mee and I bought our office’s Secret Santa presents long before these promotions, hence, I just browse these e-leaflets for fun. Who knows as I might find some really cheap stuffs from those e-leaflets though it’s not really possible!

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