Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 …

Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2
Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2

This is my new Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2. Well, it’s new for me but it’s a refurbished unit. However, I have to refund it. I tested it today but it just couldn’t pick up any GPS signal at all. I tried my HTC Desire and it was able to get a GPS signal in less than 30 seconds. I was impressed though because it used to take a lot longer than that. Anyway, I like to think that I am not refrained from buying Tomtom again as this is a refurbished unit. But I would have thought that a refurbished unit should be thoroughly tested before it’s for sale again. Clearly they didn’t do a good job on this particular unit. On the other hand, I must say that I am satisfied with the way the customer service handle my case. They clearly know what they are doing.

Returning the item is also quite easy. I was given a UPS number to call and also an account details which I believe UPS will charge Tomtom for the delivery using that account details. So, UPS will come tomorrow morning to my place to collect the Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2 and all I need to do is to write the address and put the Tomtom into the parcel.

Even though it’s a not working unit, I am still quite pleased with this Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2. The 4.3″ screen is a plus and the battery life seems to be better than my previous Tomtom One, which got stolen on a trip to Italy. I like the handle that fix the Tomtom to the windscreen too. It’s attached firmly to the Tomtom body which makes it look like one whole unit. I like to try other models of Tomtom like the Tomtom Start 25 but it’s over £100. I don’t see any point in getting a navigator for over £100 as I don’t really use it a lot. I think I will go out to high street and purchase myself another Tomtom XL IQ Routes Edition 2.

On another note, the picture is taken using my HTC Desire WordPress app. I haven’t been using the WordPress app for a while now though I keep updating it whenever there’s a new version. Well, the latest version looks really nice and easy to use. It does improve a lot and I hope I will make use of it more often in the future.

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