Boxing Day

It’s Boxing Day! There are sales everywhere and Mee and I joined the crowd today by going to Oxford Street in London. This year is rather different from previous years where we only arrived at London at about 10am. In the past years, we were there even before the first daylight of the day. I think we feel it’s a bit waste of time since we could still get the deals later in the day. No point standing in the cold and wait for the shops to open. Having said that, the weather at this time of the year is rather not cold. I was wearing only a short sleeve t-shirt during the day while shopping in Oxford Street. It was only at night when it got colder.

The purpose of shopping during Boxing Day is purely because Mee loves designer handbags. At this time of the year, it’s the cheapest as they are trying to clear the stocks for new collections. I can’t understand Mee as much as she can’t understand my love for gadgets. On another note, we were supposed to be looking for a new Tomtom since I had returned the previous unit. It was only when we saw an advertisement about gps for trucks when we thought about it. However, we were already on our way home. In addition, I don’t really think that we can get good deals in high street. It was also quite frustrating when there were so many people in the street, not just in every opened stores. The sad news was that there was an argument broken out which lead to a person stabbed to death in Oxford Street. Mee and I reckoned that we were quite near the scene as we heard there were people shouting, while we were walking towards Selfridges.

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