Premier Inn stay

Premier Inn

It’s a little bit weird to say, but right now, Mee and I are at Premier Inn, Epsom South. It’s about 10 minutes drive away from my sister’s place. We booked a few months ago as it costs as little as £29 per room per night. The offer is still available right now but I believe that it also depends on the dates. We never stayed at Premier Inn before, so we thought that we give it a try this Christmas. We booked three nights and after that, we will stay at my sister’s place for another couple of nights. The room is okay. We were first given a room downstair but the corridor was smelly. We asked to change room and we were given a top floor’s room. It’s nice but we soon found another problem. There are some sort of blower and electrical equipment running 24 hours a day just outside the room. I can’t believe that they never try to sort out the noise. We are not really bothered by the noise, hence, we stay.

The bed is comfortable and the room is spacious. The TV is still the old tube type thought it’s connected to digital television antennas. I suppose they need to as come February, analog signal will be disabled. On their website, it states free Wifi and constantly review and upgrade their rooms. Well, there are only paid Wifi here and the free Wifi is only available in the hotel’s pub. If they constantly review the room, I believe that there will be a flat screen TV instead.

I don’t think Mee and I will come and stay again unless it’s cheap. I might email to their management to ask about their mean by free Wifi. By the way, some areas are quite dusty.

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