Living in USA

I kind of having a sudden thought about living in the US. I watched a lot of movies and it seems like most of their houses are huge. As well as huge houses, the front and back yard are spacious too. One of the problems, although that might not be a real problem would be the public transportation. Unless you live in the city, you need a car to get around.

Another thing would be their technology. They already have 4G for years and many developed countries are still trialling. Most gadgets are introduced first in the US and then only to the world. Most gadgets are available in the US but not in other countries, even UK. I saw some water pumps at and that’s something we can’t easily find in the UK. In US, there’s a popular electronic store named RadioShack which is similar to Maplin in UK but not quite. It sells a whole range of items which I can only dream of getting here in the UK. Well, it’s not extremely hard to get it here, it’s just the price would be a lot higher.

Anyway, it sounds nearly impossible to migrate to US now since I am quite settled in the UK. On the other hand, it all depends on my work permit and then I can say whether or not I am settled in the UK.

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