Rise of the Planet of the Apes

We watched this movie the other day at my sister’s place. I watched it once already but it was still nice to watch it again. I believe that my sister and Mee thought the same too because they both watched it from start to finish. In that movie, there were a lot of lab furnaces in the lab where the lead actor was working with the chimpanzee. I didn’t think lab furnaces were relevant in that movie especially the type of medicine, which was used to test on the chimpanzees, was for treating Alzheimer. Maybe it is beyond my knowledge but it’s just a movie and maybe I shouldn’t treat it that seriously.

I have to say, I watched a few older versions of planet of the apes but they always start with apes dominating the world and human beings as slaves. They never sort of explaining the beginning of the apes and I believe that is why I am attracted to this movie. I do hope that there will be more sequels of this movie since it’s one of my favourite movies this year.

On another note, it’s the last day of the year 2011, Happy New Year!

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