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I have been using my HTC Desire for quite a while now. The only complain that I have, is the internal memory space. I have talked about it over and over again but I believe that I have more understanding now than before. Honestly, it is a good looking phone; solid and the screen size is about right. It doesn’t have a dual core processor but 1GHz Snapdragon processor performs quite sufficiently. The multitouch screen problem is also annoying but I am fine with it. The internal memory space is still my main concern.

Well, HTC Desire has only about 120MB internal memory space available for apps and games. When I first got the phone, everything had to be installed in the internal memory space. The 4GB microsd card is only for storage purpose. Soon, the App2SD was developed and apps and games can be moved to external storage. However, there will still be some bits of data installed in the internal memory space. I then rooted my HTC Desire and apply the S-OFF to pump up the internal memory space to 200MB. To date, I have about 130 apps and games. It sounds a lot but it’s not. I wish for more.

Why would anyone design a phone with so limited internal memory space available for user to install apps and games? I have read the specifications of a few newer HTC phones and while they have about 4 – 8GB of internal memory, only 1GB is available for the user. Is it a problem with HTC or Google’s Android?

In addition, the speed of the phone is also very much dependent on where the apps and games are installed. As most of my apps and games are installed using App2SD, my HTC Desire performs sluggishly at times. I had tried moving some frequently run apps to the phone in the past. While it improved the performance, the internal storage space soon became full.

My next phone may probably be an Android phone; and it might be HTC too. However, I will be making sure that I will not be troubled by the lack of internal memory space and the phone will be free of multitouch screen problem. The latter should already be solved since a lot of users had pointed it out but I am still very wary about the former.

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